One of the word’s leading producers of industrial lubricants, Q8Oils is set to make a first ever appearance at The Concrete Show, “Europe’s Number 1 Specialist Concrete Event”, which takes place at the NEC, Birmingham, from 15-16 February 2017, stand #J48.

Q8Oils has been established in the UK for more than 30 years and already supplies the automotive, construction, industry and energy markets with high performance lubricants.

February’s Concrete Show will see the sales and marketing team from Q8Oils showcase their current product ranges across various sectors of the concrete industry, including: precast and pre-stressed concrete, aerated concrete, asphalt, paper mills, fibre cement and tiles. 

The company has also developed a comprehensive range of mould release agents including biodegradable products suitable for a variety of applications which they will be highlighting at the event.

Q8Oils understand that it is critical to choose the right product for the material and application as it has 20% impact on the final result. Our products are specially formulated to match the requirement of the mould and material, so it provides smooth surface quality of the concrete, protects the mould for prolonged use and provides corrosion protection to the mould.

Technical Services Manager, Matthew Bloomer said: “Q8Oils combines a flexible and dynamic structure with a culture that encourages innovation. Our employees play a major role in driving the company’s philosophy and strongly believe in the core strengths of the Q8Oils brand. We aim to exceed customer expectations by offering lubricants of the highest quality, backed by a professional and personal service, together with excellent technical support.”

For more information about Q8Oils, kindly contact Sakar Pradhan on 01132 365239, via email at: [email protected], or view the website:


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