Q8Oils Brunel XF 343 is a new generation metalworking fluid designed to excel across a wide variety of aerospace machining applications.


  • -    In 2015, it was approved by Snecma Safran to the specification 455-201-0-00-B.
  • -    In 2016, with continued sales success it also was accredited PCS 4001ed2 approval from Safran Landing Systems to be included on the PCS 4002 list.


Being a leading supplier to the aerospace industry,Safran Landing Systems (previously Messier-Bugatti-Dowty) insist upon the highest standards of engineering and quality control during the manufacturing of their products.


Q8 Oils are delighted to have gained PCS 4001 Ed. 2 accreditation and be placed on the approval list PCS 4002 for metal machining applications in the manufacture of aircraft landing and braking systems. This milestone is further progression on the 455-201-0-00-B approval by Snecma Safran.  


With two significant aerospace approvals, Q8 Brunel XF 343 has been confirmed as a metalworking fluid that meets the sky-high standards of the aerospace industry.


Discussing the Q8 Brunel XF 343, Q8Oils Metal Manufacturing Business Development & Product Line Manager Stuart Duff says: “Following extensive research and both laboratory and field-trial testing, we have innovative soluble metalworking fluid chemistry focusing on three key customer requirements – product performance, environmental protection and operator health. These approvals area significant achievement for Q8 Brunel XF 343 and complements the success we are delivering with the whole range of Q8 Brunel soluble metalworking products”.


The Q8 Brunel family of metalworking fluids meet the latest worldwide chemical and environmental legislation and are free from formaldehyde, boron, secondary amine and chlorine.  Q8 Brunel products are designed to provide outstanding machining performance across a wide range of industries including aerospace,automotive, medical, nuclear and niche engineering applications.



Q8Oils is a major developer, manufacturer and supplier of metalworking fluids to European and Export markets. Quality,performance and legislation are at the forefront of the technology used throughout all product ranges, providing benefits to end-users. 

Stuart Duff says “By taking a unique, innovative and progressive approach to developing new metalworking technology, the team of chemists and product engineers at Q8Oils has been able to develop smart products that extend tool life and significantly reduce operating costs, while meeting the new demands arising from higher fluid pressures, faster cutting speeds, new materials and tool technologies.”

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