In the highly competitive commercial vehicle sector, every business is looking to improve fuel consumption, minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs and cut harmful emissions.


At Q8Oils we push the boundaries by drawing on cutting-edge technology to produce lubricants that deliver exceptional performance while protecting the environment.

Q8 Formula Truck is a range of synthetic, low viscosity, ultra-high performance, heavy duty diesel oils, designed to meet the environmental requirements of the latest Euro V and Euro VI engines.


These world class lubricants raise the bar in standards of performance, maximising efficiency of latest generation engines and exceeding the most stringent requirements of engine manufacturers and international specifications ACEA, API and JASO.


The Formula Truck range offer superb benefits of reliability, cost-saving and protection, as typified by Q8 Formula Truck 8800 FE 5W-30. Field tests show that these outstanding lubricants help cut fuel consumption by around 1.3%.  Maintenance costs are also reduced thanks to its  advanced protection against wear and oxidation. Successfully tested in the harshest temperature, as low as -35°C, and offering longer drain periods, they minimise downtime, keeping your vehicles on the road.


For exceptional heavy duty engine oils that deliver the performance and savings essential for effective fleet management, look no further than Q8 Formula Truck.



Why use Q8 Formula Truck?

  • Perfect for mixed fleet application
  • Enables product rationalisation and reduced stock levels
  • Advanced protection against wear and oxidation
  • Longer drain periods
  • Fully compatible with after treatment systems and biofuel
  • Low SAPS protect after treatment systems, including DPF, EGR and SCR


For more information on the Q8 Formula Truck range, and other heavy duty diesel oils, please contact our Technical Specialist for more information on +44 (0) 113 236 5223 or email us on [email protected]

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