Q8Oils will be using its stand at Subcon to promote the recently launched Q8 Brunel, its latest revolution in water-soluble machining and grinding fluids. The Q8 Brunel range has been developed to out-perform all other fluids and has already been successfullytried and tested with manufacturers across Europe where, for example, Q8 BrunelXF 343 has fulfilled and passed the criteria for Snecma Safran 455-201-0-00-Baerospace approval.


Q8 Brunel is designed to be fully compliant with latest European industry legislation resulting in products that are free from boron, boric acid, chlorinated paraffin, secondary amine, formaldehyde releasing biocides, nitrites, cresols and phenols.


Commenting for Q8Oils, technical manager Matt Bloomer says:“Following extensive research and both laboratory and field-trial testing, we have reinvented the way in which the industry approaches soluble MWF chemistry by developing a completely new approach that focuses on three pillars – product performance, environmental protection and operator health,”


All grades are suitable for use in hard or soft water, with ultra low foaming properties. Q8 Brunel metalworking fluids are ideally suited for high speed machining applications and demanding fluid deliverypressures found on modern machine tools. Subject to customer requirements, significant improvements of tool life and surface finish are achievable.


For further  information on the new Q8 Brunel range, visit the Q8Oils stand C 51 where our team can help determine which metalworking fluid from Q8Oils’ portfolio  is right for your application or please contact Q8Oils on 01132365223 or email: [email protected]

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