The Q8Oils portfolio of plant maintenance solutions includes the full range of plant maintenance oils and is the result of over 100 years of development and experience gained from working within a wide range of industrial sectors.


Commenting forQ8Oils, direct sales manager Jeremy Dineen says: “The Plant Maintenance Solutions brochure demonstrates that Q8Oils has a comprehensive product range to cover plant maintenance and engineering processes and applications in the modern production environment. In addition, our engineers, sales managers and technical team are on hand to ensure the correct product recommendations are made to optimise equipment performance and limit unscheduled downtime.


Products include Q8Erebus MP, Q8 El Greco and Q8 Gade gear oils; Q8 Verdi circulation oil; Q8Haydn, Q8 Heller, Q8 Hogarth, Q8 Holbein and Q8 Holst hydraulic oils; Q8 Dynobear and Q8 Heavibear slideway lubricants; Q8 Schubert and Q8 Schumann compressor oils; and Q8 Van Gogh turbine oil.


To ensure Q8Oils lubricants remain in optimum operating condition and operators’ equipment condition is protected, Q8Oils’ also offers a quality used oil test analysis service (QUOTA), where lubricant samples are taken and forwarded to the Q8Oils laboratory for remote monitoring and analysis.


For further information on the Q8Oils portfolio of plant maintenance solutions or its Q8 QUOTA monitoring service, please visit, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)113 2365204.

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