‘The Challenge’ from Q8Oils is a recently-launched metal working fluid initiative for machine shop owners andoperators, which offers new customers the opportunity to trial soluble and neat metal cutting fluids – such as the company’s new, water-soluble Q8 Brunel range – in their machine shops.


Commenting for Q8Oils, direct sales manager Jeremy Dineen says: “The Challenge was launched because we are so confident that customers will find a Q8 metal working fluid that is ideal for their processes and applications, and saves them money.”


Q8Oils is proud that it offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of neat and soluble cutting fluids in the UK and is convinced that, by offering a payment-by-results trial, The Challenge will prove the benefits of Q8 metalworking fluids to manufacturers.


After first establishing clear, mutually-agreed objectives, Q8Oils will set up the trial and then monitor on-going performance of the lubricant to ensure that it, and the machine, are operating at peak performance. A comprehensive report on there sults is presented during the trial.


As well as performance requirements, Q8Oils also recognises its customers’ commercial needs, explains Jeremy. “By offering optimum, high and extreme performance products, we can help customers balance criteria, such as surface finish, the severity of the working environment and productivity, against cost.”


Looking at Q8Brunel, Q8Oils’ latest revolution in water-soluble machining and grinding fluids, Jeremy explains that the range has been developed to out-perform all other fluids and has already been successfully tried and tested with manufacturers across Europe where, for example, Q8 Brunel XF 343 has fulfilled and passed the criteria for Snecma Safran 455-201-0-00-B aerospace approval.


Q8 Brunel is developed to meet existing and planned legislation, making it suitable for all markets and applications. The range is free from boron, boric acid, chlorinated paraffin, secondary amines, nitrites and formaldehyde releasing biocides, meeting all legislative requirements in European countries and worldwide markets.


“Following extensive research and both laboratory and field-trial testing, we have reinvented the way in which the industry approaches soluble MWF chemistry by developing acompletely new approach that focuses on three pillars – product performance, environmental protection and operator health,” says Jeremy.


All grades are suitable for use in hard or soft water, with ultra low foaming properties.  Q8 Brunel metalworking fluids are ideally suited for high speed machining applications and demanding fluid delivery pressures found on modern machine tools. Subject to customer requirements, significant improvements of tool life and surface finish are achievable.


For further information on the new Q8 Brunel range, or if you are interested in taking The Challenge, visit, call +44 (0)113 235 0555 or speak to your Q8Oils areas sales manager who can help determine which metalworking fluid from Q8Oils’ portfolio of six product families – Q8 Brunel, Q8 Berlioz, Q8 Baroni, Q8 Beethoven, Q8 Bach and Q8 Brahms – is right for your application.

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