Q8Oils has introducedQ8 Auto DCT, a synthetic dual-clutch transmission fluid that has been developedfor VW Borg Warner, ZF and Getrag dual clutch transmissions.


Designed and developed with extended drain intervals in mind, Q8 Auto DCT can help toextend transmission life by providing outstanding frictional performance andresistance against wear and can help to reduce sludge and varnish build-up. Itprovides immediate lubrication from a cold start, excellent on-going protectionagainst rust and corrosion and excellent oxidation and thermal stability. Italso provides improved shear stability for consistent viscosity during use.


Available in 20 litre packs, Q8 Auto DCT is suitable for numerous OEM transmissionapplications including Audi VW TL 052 182 / TL 052 529; BMW 83 22 2 148 578 /83 22 2 148 579; BMW 83 22 0 440 214 / 83 22 2 147 477; Citroën PSA 9734.S2; FordM2C 936A; Mercedes-Benz MB 236.21; Mitsubishi MZ 320065 Dia-Queen SSTF-I; NissanM2C 936A; Peugeot PSA 9734.S2; Porsche Oil No. 999.917.080.00; Seat VW TL 052182; Skoda VW TL 052 182, Volkswagen VW TL 052 182; and Volvo 1161838 /1161839.


Furtherinformation on Q8 Auto DCT fromQ8Oils and its range of passenger car engine and transmission oils is availableat, by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0)113 235 0555.


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