After 20 yearsand millions of successful operating hours with the Q8 Mahler range of gasengine oils, leading manufacturing and engineering solutions specialist Q8Oils is introducing ‘The Challenge’, an energy sectorinitiative that enables gas engine operators to trial the company’s Q8 Mahlerrange of oils.


Commenting for Q8Oils, energy specialist Tony O’Keeffe says: “The Q8 Mahler range of gas engine oilsis already established as a market leader, but we want to take it a step further.As a result, we are offering ‘The Challenge’ into the energy sector because weare confident that new customers will find that Q8 Mahler is not only ideal fortheir gas engine applications, but it will also reduce operating costs.”


Globally, thousandsof gas engines are running on Q8 Mahler and, when combining its applicationsand approvals, it incorporates the world’s leading engine manufacturersincluding GE Jenbacher, Caterpillar, Ficantieri, GMT (VM), Perkins, Guascor,MAN, MWM (Deutz), Rolls Royce Bergen, Tedom, Wärtsilä and Waukesha.


“We areconvinced that, by offering a payment-by-results trial, ‘The Challenge’ willprove the benefits of Q8 Mahler to UK manufacturers and gas engine operators.”says Tony.


After firstestablishing clear, mutually-agreed objectives, Q8Oils will set up the trialand then monitor on-going performance of the oil to ensure that it, and theengine, are operating at peak performance. A comprehensive report on theresults is presented at regular intervals during the trial and, at the end of‘The Challenge’.


As well asperformance requirements, Q8Oils also recognises its customers’ commercialneeds, explains Tony. “By offering a range of high-performance products, Q8Oilscan help balance criteria such as service life, wearing parts, deposits,severity of the working environment and production of the engine against cost.”


If you areinterested in taking part in ‘The Challenge’ please contact Q8Oils, who canstart the process of determining the problem areas you want to focus on. Thesecan include high silicone or sulphur levels, service life, increased parts wearor oxidation and varnishing.


For further information on The Challenge, call Q8Oils on +44 (0)113 2350555 or email [email protected].

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