The expansionof Q8Oils’ recently launched engine oil lubricants for stationary gas enginesis continuing with the introduction of Q8 Mahler G5 and Q8 Mahler GR5.


Theformulation technology of the Q8 Mahler range has been successfully provenacross a variety of engines for over 20 years and globally, there are anestimated 3,750 engines filled with Q8 Mahler and running for 15 million hours,every year.


Commenting forQ8Oils, energy specialist Tony O’Keeffe says: “Customers can be assured that Q8Mahler G will help reduce operating costs by reducing oil consumption andextending drain intervals.”


For one MWMengine customer, switching to Q8 Mahler G5 reduced its maintenance costs by8.7%. For another customer operating two GE Jenbacher engines, drain intervalswere extended by 54% following a switch to Q8 Mahler G10 from a competitor’soil.


Q8 Mahler G5is a medium ash oil for natural gas applications operating under mild to severeconditions. Developed with a low deposit tendency and high resistance againstpre-ignition or knocking, this latest oil is ideal for high-pressure enginesoperating at 22bar or above and is also suitable for those with a lower BMEP.To reduce lubricant inventory, it can also be used to lubricate reciprocatingcompressors where natural gas is compressed but does not exceed pressures of10,000kPa.


Benefitsinclude long service life thanks to its high resistance to oxidation andnitration; protection against valve seat recession; excellent acid neutralisingcapacities; and protection against rust and corrosion.


These benefitsare proven in extensive field trial tests, with GE officially approving thelubricant for use on its GE Jenbacher 2, 3, 4 (type B) and 6 (type C & E)series gas engines, operating on numerous fuel classes or catalysts. It hasalso recently been approved for GE Jenbacher type 6 series high pressureengines with steel pistons (from version – F) in fuel Class A; and has beenapproved by Caterpillar Energy Solutions for its CG132, CG170 and CG260 enginesoperating on all gas types; and Deutz AG for its 913, 914 and 2015 seriesengines.


Q8 Mahler G5also exceeds the requirements of numerous equipment manufacturers and isrecommended for use in GE Waukesha, Guascor Power, MAN Truck & Bus, MTUOnsite Energy, Wärtsilä, Perkins, Liebherr, 2G and Cummins engines.


Alsointroduced is Q8 Mahler GR5, a high-performance stationary gas engine oildeveloped for operation under mild to severe conditions and blended using apremium, hydrocracked (synthetic) base oil.


Approved byRolls-Royce Bergen for use on its B Series engines, Q8 Mahler GR5 satisfies thedemands for lower emissions and higher efficiencies in today’s gas engines,where this more oxidation-stable engine oil is capable of controlling linercleanliness and oil consumption for increased liner and piston ringtemperatures. In addition, it exceeds the requirements of a number of OEMs andis recommended for use by GE Waukesha, GE Jenbacher, Caterpillar EnergySolutions, Deutz, Guascor Power, MAN Truck & Bus, MTU Onsite Energy,Perkins, Liebherr, 2G and Cummins.


Benefitsinclude low deposit tendency; acid neutralising capacities; and an extendedservice life thanks to its high oxidation resistance and synthetic-basedformulation. Q8 Mahler GR5 also offers enhanced lubricity and solubilityproperties to provide improved engine wear protection, resistance to sludgeformation and upgraded detergency properties to provide cleaner enginecomponents. It also delivers excellent resistance against pre-ignition and nitration;as well protection against rust, corrosion and valve seat recession.


High qualitycustomer support for the Q8 Mahler range includes technical backup and deliveryex-works from Q8Oils in Leeds to customer sites throughout the UK. A used oilanalysis service (Q8 QUOTA) also enables customers to regularly analyse oilcondition to help prevent engine damage.


Finally,Q8Oils is so confident in the performance of its range of gas engine oils thatit is challenging owners and operators to provide access to an engine operatingunder the most severe conditions; and it will prove the benefits of lubricatingthe engine with its Q8 range.


For more information on Q8 Mahler G5 and Q8 Mahler please contact   [email protected] or calling +44 (0)113 235 0555

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